Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Ammar Idlibi: Three Reasons to Work in Pediatric Dentistry

Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist in Bristol, Connecticut. He has spent years developing his career and his knowledge of dentistry. He enjoys working with children and is focused on helping parents keep their children’s teeth healthy. 
Ammar Idlibi

Ammar Idlibi has more than two decades of experience in his field and he owns a dental practice in Connecticut. If you are interested in becoming a dentist, you may consider working in pediatrics.
One reason to work in pediatric dentistry is to help families. You will have the opportunity to teach new parents how to care for their children’s teeth. You may be able to help parents educate their children on the importance of dental hygiene as well. As a pediatric dentist you can meet new families and help them keep their children healthy.
Another reason to work in pediatric dentistry is to run a specialized practice. Children have different dental needs than adults. By developing a specialized education, you can see to those needs. You can create an office that is child-friendly as well as educational.
A career in pediatric dentistry can be highly rewarding. You may be involved with families for many years. You can watch children grow up and you can help them make sure that they are protecting their teeth. Dr. Ammar Idlibi enjoys working in pediatric dentistry. He cares about his patients. He spent years studying and training so that he could help families. Dr. Ammar Idlibi is a caring pediatric dentist, a successful entrepreneur, and a mentor in his field.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Ammar Idlibi: What it Takes to Become a Mentor

Dr. Ammar Idlibi has been a pediatric dentist for more than two decades. Dr. Ammar Idlibi enjoys mentoring other professionals in his field and cares about improving the field of pediatric dentistry. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Ammar Idlibi has lead courses in clinical pediatric dentistry as well as managing a growing practice. It can be important for professionals to become mentors in their fields.
If you have built a successful career for yourself, you may consider becoming a mentor. Experienced professionals are often in the unique position to help others grow and succeed. If you enjoy working with others and care about improving your field, you may want to start working with students or helping young professionals.
Mentoring others can be a rewarding experience. You can watch young professionals grow and succeed in their careers. You may find that you enjoy teaching and coaching young people in your field. If people often come to you for advice or counsel, you may already be a mentor.
Networking can be an important aspect of any career. As a mentor, you will be building a wide professional network. You can keep in touch with all of the men and women you work with and build a wide range of connections. A large professional network may be beneficial in the future. It could help you learn about new opportunities in your field. Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist who has worked in Syria as well as Saudi Arabia. He is licensed to practice in Connecticut and he enjoys helping young dentists succeed.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Ammar Idlibi - Key Tasks When Running A Dental Practice

Ammar Idlibi has extensive experience in running dental practices, having formed a private practice in Damascus, Syria in 1995 before returning to the United States and forming Kids Dental Care, which has three locations in Connecticut. While knowledge in dentistry is crucial to success in running a practice, there are a number of other key tasks that you must complete if you wish to take this route in your career.
Ammar Idlibi
Find What Makes You Unique

Every business needs to have something that sets it apart from the competition and your dental practice is no different. You need to consider what makes you unique and make whatever it is prominent in your advertising. This could be anything from offering a type of treatment that is not available anywhere else through to providing the most comprehensive service in your location.

Create A Workplace Culture

As your business expands you will start hiring more people. It is crucial that each hire fits the mold of what you are looking for in people who represent your practice, plus you need to deliver a working environment that is attractive to professionals. Create a defined workplace culture and embed it into your new hires.

Training Staff

The skills your staff bring to the table will serve your practice well, but to provide the highest standards of care you need to place a lot of focus on providing training opportunities. This benefits your patients and also allows for career progression within the practice.

Ammar Idlibi is a private dental practice owner and experienced pediatric dentist.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ammar Idlibi - Tips For Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Many adults are a little wary of visiting the dentist, so it should come as no surprise that your children may be scared of the idea of having somebody poking around in their mouths, especially if they have never been to the dentist before. Ammar Idlibi is an experienced pediatric dentist who founded Kids Dental Care, which provides “…both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics by residency-trained specialists,” in 2007. Ammar Idlibi has helped many children, and their parents, through the scary first visit to the dentist. These tips should help you to prepare your children and ensure appointments go off without a hitch.
Ammar Idlibi

Start As Early As Possible

The longer you leave that first visit, the more intimidating it is going to be for the child. Furthermore, it is recommended that you start bringing children to the dentist within six months of them cutting their first teeth, so that the dentist can check on progress and ensure that there will be no issues with the rest of the teeth that need to come through. By starting early, you help children become accustomed to visiting the dentist from an age where they are less likely to be scared by the idea. This makes later visits a lot easier in most cases.

Examine Your Child At Home

You should do everything you can to promote the idea of good oral hygiene at home. While establishing a regimen is crucial, especially as the child grows older, you can also help your child become more accustomed to the idea of having teeth examined by looking for yourself. While you will not bring the level of expertise that a pediatric dentist has, this can still allow you to spot issues and will help your child get used to the idea of somebody examining teeth, making the process feel normal during trips to the dentist.

Talk To Your Child

If you have waited until your child is a little older before arranging the first dental visit, it is crucial that you talk about what to expect when you enter the practice. Use language that is easy to understand and try to avoid negative phrases, such as “finding something wrong” or mentioning anything about pain. Instead, assure children that dentists are there to help them keep their teeth healthy and consider roleplaying what will happen with stuffed toys or dolls.


Ammar Idlibi has worked with many children as a pediatric dentist. If you time the visit poorly you may find that your child is less willing to accept the work the dentist needs to do. Arrange the appointment for a time when you know your child will be well-rested, fed and is more likely to be in a good mood.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Ammar Idlibi - How To Price Your Dental Services

Having built three successful pediatric dental practices from scratch, Ammar Idlibi is an authority not only in dentistry, but also in business. Today, you can hear all different opinions and perspectives about pricing strategies of the dental services.

Dentistry is a business based on relationships. You simply can’t build great relationships and long-term customers if the only thing that you advertise is the cheapest price.

Cheapest price customers are only loyal to the lowest price. The second someone decides to undercut you and offer a lower price, such customers will leave you and go elsewhere. This is why you want to sell quality, service, value, and benefits, not just the lowest price.

Study your area before you decide how to price your dental services. You can easily get all kinds of stats about a zip code for free by visiting the US Census website. If you have a lot of affluent homes around you and all other dentists are competing based on price, there’s definitely an opportunity for high-end services in your area.

It is also helpful to use the laws of supply and demand when commanding higher fees. The busier and less available you are, the more people will want to get an appointment with you.

This is why Ammar Idlibi believes that you always want to find ways to create exclusivity and underline short supply and great demand if that happens to be the case in your practice.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Ammar Idlibi - How To Position Your Dental Services To Attract The Customers You Want

Ammar Idlibi was born is Damascus, Syria. He obtained medical degrees in Syria, Boston, and Connecticut. Today, he operates three pediatric dental practices in Connecticut.

Positioning is, without a doubt, a buzzword in advertising. However, it is also a legitimate marketing concept that you need to carefully consider.

One of the definitions of positioning is controlling how your patients feel about your practice in comparison to other dental practices that compete for their attention.

Dr. Idlibi insists that the best business names telegraph what the business does in a simple and straightforward way. He called his practice Kids Dental Care. The sugar-free sweet drink he invented was called Healthy Sweet.

This may sound like something not worth mentioning, but start looking at the medical practices and businesses in your area and notice how many names do not instantly communicate what the business offers or does.

Consider Emergency Dental or Kids Dental Care. Both are the names of dental practices. However, they target completely different prospects. When you are developing the name for your practice, think in terms of communicating a message that will give you a marketing advantage.

Another great example of smart positioning is a book by Dr. Bill Dorfman called Billion Dollar Smile. Dr. Dofrman is a cosmetic dentist from Los Angeles, California. Can you identify the message about Dr. Dorfman’s positioning and prices from the name of his book?

Ammar Idlibi recommends spending some time and putting some thought into the name and positioning of a dental practice. While a practice can be successful without a great name, one has to wonder how much more successful a dental practice can be with a clear, well-defined identity.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Ammar Idlibi - Tips about Dental Practice Employees

As the owner of three successful pediatric dental practices that employ more than forty people and pay over two million dollars in wages and salaries annually, Ammar Idlibi is not only an experienced dentist, but also a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

Building a successful dental practice is impossible without finding, hiring, and managing the right people, yet most dentists have zero ability to identify and hire great employees. In most cases, a dental practice has a staff of five to fifteen people. Because this number isn’t big, every person on the team is very important, even if this person’s sole responsibility is to answer the phones. Their contact with prospects and patients on the phone directly influences first-time business, repeat business, and referrals. 

A successful dental practice is an attitude-driven business. If you have a person with a negative attitude on your team, it will impact how many patients you have and how they feel about your practice.

The only surefire path to building a successful practice is having smiling, happy, enthusiastic people working in your practice, willing and eager to do their jobs better.When it comes to the performance of your employees in your practice, you can only expect what you inspect. Building a pediatric practice is impossible if you don’t know your numbers. You also need to set team goals and work on them.

Ammar Idlibi recommends the following when it comes managing your staff: identify, reward, and motivate. Weed out the people who do poor work. Identify champions. Develop, involve, reward, and motivate them to do an even better job.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Ammar Idlibi - Foods and Drinks You Should Avoid

Ammar Idlibi, a pediatric dentist in Connecticut, created a children’s fruit drink that is sugar free and artificial sweetener free. He cares about his patients and he works hard to keep children’s teeth healthy and strong. Sugar can be very dangerous for teeth, and it is important to limit the amount of sugary foods and beverages you consume. There are several foods and drinks that you should avoid in general.

Sugary drinks can seriously damage your teeth. Soda is a commonly consumed beverage that is harmful to teeth and health. Soda is a carbonated beverage that is filled with sugar. These sticky sugars adhere to your teeth every time you take a sip. That sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth and causes plaque, cavities, and tooth decay.

You should also avoid consuming large amounts of citrus including lemonade, orange juice, and citrus fruits. In general, these are not bad for your health, however, citric acid can eat away at your enamel. If you do drink or consume citrus, try to brush your teeth immediately after so that the acids do not sit on your teeth.

You should eat candy in moderation. Candy is packed full of sugar and can damage your teeth. Eating a little bit of candy every now and then is okay, but always be sure to brush your teeth afterwards. Consuming candy in excess can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Ammar Idlibi is a knowledgeable and successful pediatric dentist. He always helps his patients by educating them about their teeth.  

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ammar Idlibi - Three Reasons to Visit a Pediatric Dentists

Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist who cares about his patients. He has more than two decades of experience and he runs three large practices. He studied pediatric dentistry at Tufts University and worked hard to learn how to treat children. He has worked in both Syria and the United States and he is always focused on helping his patients. There are several reasons for you to take your child to a pediatric dentist rather than a general, or family dentist. 

Pediatric dentists are often more successful at treating young children than family dentists. Many of these professionals study child behavior in order to learn how to keep children calm during a treatment. They are able to communicate with children and work with them throughout their appointment. 

Pediatric dentists may be able to make children feel more comfortable because they work with children on a day to day basis. They know how to entertain children and how to comfort children. Pediatric dentists often decorate their offices for children as well. 

Pediatric dentists also specialize in administering dental treatments on children. They spend years focusing on this field of dentistry and are often more qualified to perform certain pediatric procedures than family dentists.  

There are many valid reasons for you to take your child to a pediatric dentist rather than a general dentist. These professionals specialize in working with children and may be more successful at treating your child. Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist who worked hard to develop his skills and his knowledge. 

Ammar Idlibi - Three Reasons to Avoid Sugar

Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist in Bristol, Connecticut. He runs three large specialized practices, where he helps children stay healthy. He is also an entrepreneur who created a sugar free and artificial sweetener free fruit drink for children. Consuming large amounts of sugar can be very harmful to your teeth. There are many reasons for you to avoid sugar on a day to day basis. 

A little sugar every now and then is okay, but it should not be consumed with any regularity. Sugar is a very damaging substance for your teeth. One reason to avoid sugar is to prevent cavities. Every person’s mouth is filled with bacteria. Some species of bacteria are good, while other are harmful. Sugar feeds the harmful bacteria and helps the colonies grow. Large quantities of bad bacteria can lead to cavities. 

Sugar can also cause tooth decay. The bacteria colonies eat away at the enamel and create a cavity in the tooth. If you have an untreated cavity and continue to eat sugar, your tooth could begin to decay completely. The cavity will grow and the tooth will become damaged. Tooth decay leads to tooth loss when untreated. 

A third reason to avoid sugar is that it can be bad for your health overall. You should not consume sugary foods and beverages on a regular basis because can cause dental issues, weight gain, and other health issues. Ammar Idlibi created a fruit beverage that is sweetened with the sugar alcohol Xylitol. He is helping children avoid sugar and protect their teeth.  

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ammar Idlibi - Everything you Should Know About Running a Dental Office

Running a dental office does not just involve providing dental treatments. Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist in Bristol, Connecticut. He worked hard to earn his education and he enjoys being able to help children keep their teeth healthy. He is the owner of three practices, and he works hard to keep each office successful. There are several factors involved in running a successful dental practice.

The first step in creating a successful dental practice is to find an excellent staff. You will need a dental hygienist, and assistant, and a reception manager. Each of these individuals should be experienced and knowledgeable. The key to success is having a staff that works together to help patients and keep the office organized.

Running a successful dental practice also involves working with knowledgeable dentists. Some practices are run by a single dentist, while others have multiple dentists. If your practice involves several dentists, make sure each one is experienced and dedicated.

It is also important for your office to be welcoming. If you want your dental office to succeed, you should make your waiting room and your treatment room warm and welcoming. Simple d├ęcor can help your patients feel more comfortable in your office.

Dentists who run their own practices often work hard to keep their businesses successful and treat their patients. There are many steps these professionals need to take to achieve both. Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist and a successful entrepreneur located in Bristol, Connecticut. He runs three successful specialized dental practice. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Ammar Idlibi - What Sugar Can Do to your Teeth

Ammar Idlibi, a pediatric dentist, developed a sweet beverage for children that does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners. He is concerned about the health of children’s teeth, and wanted to find a way to replace sugary drinks. His creation, Healthy Sweets, is sweetened with Xylitol, which is a natural sugar alcohol that fights cavities. Xylitol is often used in sugar free gums, toothpastes, and mouth washes. It is important to try to avoid consuming large amounts of sugary beverages because sugar can seriously harm your teeth.

Your mouth is filled with different types of bacteria. A lot of that bacteria is good, and helps your body break down food. However, there are some bad types of bacteria in your mouth. These types of bacteria are often rinsed away when you brush your teeth. However, these bacteria can grow if you consume large amounts of sugary foods and beverages. Sugar feeds bacteria and can cause bacteria colonies to grow. These colonies attach themselves to the enamel of your teeth and begin to create a white film called plaque.

Plaque creates a shelter for bacteria and helps it grow even more. This process can wear down your enamel and cause a cavity. The best way to prevent this is to avoid eating or drinking large amounts of sugar on a regular basis. If you do eat sugar, make sure to brush your teeth afterwards in order to prevent bacteria growth. Ammar Idlibi created a sweet beverage that contains Xylitol in order to help prevent cavities in children.  

Monday, 25 April 2016

Ammar Idlibi - What is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a visionary who works hard to design and launch a new business. Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist as well as an entrepreneur. He is the owner of Kids Dental Care in Bristol, Connecticut. He also created a children’s beverage that is sugar free and artificial sweetener free called Healthy Sweets. He is a dedicated professional and a hard working entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is someone who has an idea for a business and then makes that business possible. These individuals are often hard working and dedicated to their vision. They strive to learn about the industry they want to enter, and may spend years working to get their business started. Entrepreneurs are often business owners and inventors. These individuals may create their own products or provide customers with unique services.

Dr. Idlibi is an entrepreneur in the field of pediatric dentistry. Children who drink sugary beverages are at a high risk for developing cavities. Those sugars sit on their teeth and cause plaque buildup. Children are especially susceptible to developing cavities because they may not have good brushing habits. Dr. Idlibi worked with a chemist to create a drink for children that has no sugar or natural sweeteners. It is also preservative free and it helps fight cavities. Healthy Sweets, a beverage for children, is sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol that helps prevent cavities.

Ammar Idlibi is a successful pediatric dentist and entrepreneur who cares about helping parents keep their children’s teeth healthy and strong.   

Monday, 18 April 2016

Ammar Idlibi - 3 Tips for Preventing Cavities

Ammar Idlibi founded Kids Dental Center in 2007. He is an experienced pediatric dentist who works hard to educate his patients and their parents on how to prevent cavities. He also worked with a chemist to create a children’s beverage that is sweetened with Xylitol rather than sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is important for children as well as adults to work hard to prevent cavities.

Cavities occur when harmful bacteria builds up on your teeth. They create a film over your teeth called plaque. Plaque helps bacteria grow and breaks down the enamel of your teeth, which can cause cavities. The simplest way to prevent cavities is to take proper care of your teeth. You should brush your teeth every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to bed. It is also a good idea to brush your teeth after eating or drinking something that contains sugar. Brushing regularly can prevent plaque buildup and can help protect your teeth from cavities.

Another way to prevent cavities is to floss at least once a day. Plaque can also build up in between your teeth. If it is not removed, then cavities can form in those tight spaces. You should floss at least once, if not twice, a day.

Avoiding sugary foods and beverages is another way to prevent cavities. Sugar feeds bad bacteria and helps it grow. Consuming large amounts of sugar can increase your plaque buildup and lead to the development of cavities. Ammar Idlibi is a knowledgeable pediatric dentist who works hard to help his patients prevent cavities. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Ammar Idlibi - How to Become a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are specially trained to treat children and adolescents. Ammar Idlibi is an experienced pediatric dentist. After earning a Doctor of Dental Science from the Al-Ba’ath University Faculty of Dentistry in 1989, he moved in the United States to continue his education in pediatric dentistry. If you want to become a pediatric dentist as well, you will need to develop a specific set of skills.

The first step to becoming a pediatric dentist is to earn an undergraduate education. You should earn a bachelor’s degree in a field that is related to dentistry such as biology or you can enroll in a pre-dental study program. After you complete your undergraduate education, you will need to apply to a dental school to earn either a Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) or a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD). These are four-year degree programs.

The next step is to earn a specialized education. After you earn your DDS or DMD, you will need to complete an additional two to three years of education in pediatric dentistry. There are many dental schools that offer a pediatric dentistry program. You can also apply for fellowship programs in pediatric dentistry. You will need this additional education in order to earn a certification in pediatric dentistry from the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

It takes several years of study to become a pediatric dentist because these dentists need to know the specific dental needs of children and how to interact with them. Ammar Idlibi worked hard to become a pediatric dentist.  

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Ammar Idlibi - SEO Basics For Your Website

As the owner and operator of 3 successful dental practices, Ammar Idlibi has long understood the importance of the web in the modern marketing landscape. He notes that many dental professionals don’t do the basics of search engine optimization, which leads to them failing to get the site in front of as many people as possible. He offers the following tips for people who are looking to pull in more conversions from their site.

Focus on Local
There is no point trying to target national keywords if you own a local dental practice, so you should instead narrow things down so that you are only targeting keywords relevant to the people in the area that you practice. Adjust your Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Headers and Image Alt tags to focus more on the local area.

Offer Useful Content

The content on your site is going to play a large part in determining whether or not a visitor stays on it for an extended period of time. As such, you need to do your best to offer content that is useful and establishes you as an authority in the field. Make sure to draw upon your own expertise, incorporate keywords and include a call to action at the end of each piece.

Speed Things Up
While it may be tempting to use high quality images and design a website with high-end connections in mind, Ammar Idlibi notes that it is best to make your site as accessible as possible. This means it needs to cater to people on slower connections. Better yet, the page loading speed of the site is also a ranking factor in most search engines, so this serves a practical purpose beyond accessibility.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Ammar Idlibi - Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Having been a public speaker for a number of years, delivering a wide range of speeches and seminars, Ammar Idlibi understands the fears that many people experience when they are asked to get up in front of an audience and talk. His experiences have allowed him to conquer his own fears and he offers the following advice for those who are struggling.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Never enter a public speaking engagement without having first practiced your speech repeatedly. Write down what you wish to say and repeat it on a regular basis, ensuring that you have your pronunciation down. You can try practicing in front of a mirror or enlisting family and friends to give you a more physical reaction to your speech.

Don’t Worry About Mistakes

Even the best public speakers will occasionally flub their lines a little bit. It happens and it is completely natural. Your reaction to mistakes is going to make or break your speech, so don’t allow your mind to focus on any mistakes you make when talking. Instead, simply brush them off or use them for a little bit of humor before continuing with what you have to say.

Don’t Memorize

If you try to remember every single word of your speech, you may find that you come off sounding robotic and unnatural. Instead, Ammar Idlibi recommends making use of cue cards that will keep you on the right track with your speech, without telling you exactly what you should say. This will allow you to get into your own flow, engaging the audience in the process.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ammar Idlibi - How to Clean Teeth With Orthodontics

Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist who specializes in treating children who require orthodontic work. Of course, he also understands that braces and other orthodontic appliances can make it difficult to clean teeth properly, so the following steps should help people who are looking to maintain their dental hygiene.

Consider a Proxabrush

While a regular toothbrush should be adequate for cleaning teeth with braces, assuming that it has soft bristles and the brush is a good fit for your mouth, you may wish to consider purchasing a proxabrush. The Christmas tree design of this type of brush will often allow you to reach areas of your mouth that are difficult to access when wearing braces, thus ensuring a better clean.

Keep 2x2 in Mind

Even if you are wearing braces, you should still keep the 2x2 rule in mind. This means that you need to brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes during each session. Try splitting your mouth into four quadrants and spending 30 seconds on each one in order to ensure you spend an adequate amount of time brushing. You should also pay special attention to your tongue and the chewing areas of your teeth.

Handling Tenderness

Orthodontics can often make a child’s mouth more sensitive to brushing, which can result in pain in some cases. Ammar Idlibi notes that this is completely normal, but it can often put children off from brushing regularly. Consider purchasing light pain relievers to help your child feel better after brushing, until their mouth adjusts to their new orthodontics.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Ammar Idlibi - Tips For Starting A New Business

During the course of his career as a dentist, Ammar Idlibi has opened a number of dental practices and currently operates 3 in the state of Connecticut. Starting a new business, no matter what it may be, is always difficult so keep all of the following in mind before you start investing in your future company.

Establish Demand

Before you open a business you need to research the area where the business will be located in order to determine the level of demand for your services. Find out about any competition and try to determine how satisfied the locals are with the service that they currently receive. If you find that demand is high and competition is low, you have discovered an area that is ripe for business opportunities.

Budget Effectively

When you are creating your business plan, the most important aspect is going to be your budget. Account for absolutely everything when considering your financials, as failure to consider an expense could come back to haunt you later on down the line. Make a comprehensive spreadsheet of every expense and every potential source of income so that you can fully understand how your business is going to perform.

Concentrate on Weaknesses

During the course of creating your business plan, you should be able to identify weaknesses, whether they are related to the business model itself or your own skillset. Happily, Ammar Idlibi notes that weaknesses can always be strengthened, so be honest with yourself and concentrate on areas that could use a little improvement in order to provide yourself with the best chances of success.